LoERH Local Chapter Application



The League of Extraordinary Red Heads (“LoERH” is a federated organization organized for social and entertainment purposes only. It is international in geopolitical influence, yet headquartered geographically in Troy, New York a.k.a. “Ginger City, USA.”

In Oct. 2019, The League of Extraordinary Red Heads began offering people around the world to form local chapters of the League of Extraordinary Red Heads for the purposes of organizing local red head gatherings and the making of local gingery-mirth.

In order to form a local chapter of the LoERH, one must first pay a non-refundable $25 application fee. Immediately upon payment, you will receive instructions on where and how to fill out an online application. All required fields in the application must be filled out and the form must be submitted in order to be considered for local chapter status.

If your application is approved, there will be an additional, one-time chapter start-up fee of $125.

Upon initiation, the chapter shall receive:

  • a chapter certificate;
  • a PDF chapter organizing guide written by LoERH Founder Duncan Crary;
  • three LoERH short-sleeved t-shirts of any size;
  • LoERH’s promotional graphics;
  • a customized local LoERHs logo;
  • 150 individual membership cards to distribute ;
  • ability to order official exclusive LoERHs merchandise at discount from LoERH Central and resell at markup;
  • a localized subdomain of Extraordinary.Red for use as the official chapter webpage;
  • a listing on the Local Chapters section of the LoERGs Central website, and possible periodic feature coverage on LoERGs Central’s website and social media pages;
  • 30 minute consultation phone call with LoERH Founder Duncan Crary;
  • Special pricing for additional publicity assistance from Public Relations firm;
  • answers to a reasonable number of email questions;
  • suggestions of activities and entertainers

Chapters will be provided with Code of Conduct that must be adhered to. Chapters will be provided with a list of approved and disallowed activities.

In order to remain in good standing, Local Chapters must pay an annual fee of $25 every October. (This fee will be waived to Chapters that send at least one delegate to the annual Meeting of The League of Extraordinary Red Heads – Central &  and Night of The Walking Red event in Troy, N.Y.)