Red Heads Gather for Freckleface Strawberry Sat. June 10

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Contact: Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723

Freckly Gingers of All Ages Invited to Saturday Show & Party At Footsy MaGoo’s

TROY, N.Y. (6/8/2017) — The League of Extraordinary Red Heads will gather this Saturday, June 10 for a 2 p.m. performance of “Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical” at Russell Sage College, followed with a free afterparty at Footsy MaGoo’s.

Strawberry Freckleface: The Musical

The colorful League gathers twice per year, in the fall and spring, attracting as many as 200 red haired people per event. All ages are invited to attend, though children must be accompanied by a guardian. Because the musical is based on a children’s book, this event is especially suited for children of all ages.

Photo by Sarah Pezdek.

Photo by Sarah Pezdek.

“Little ginger critters are good luck and magic, and we always get a huge kick out seeing the kids with their parents at our parties because it’s one of the few times when they get to be in the norm,” said League of Extraordinary Red Heads Founder Duncan Crary. “Because we’re so rare and we stand out so very much, red heads can never hide in a crowd or at the back of the classroom. That can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. These gatherings are a chance to kick back with others who can relate.”

“Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical” is a fun and touching musical based on the beloved New York Times best-selling children’s book by actress Julianne Moore, known for her striking red hair and abundant freckles.

The character Freckleface Strawberry is a young girl who will do anything to get rid of her freckles — from scrubbing them with soap to caking on makeup… and even wearing a ski mask to school! Will her schoolmates realize that it’s her under the mask? Will Freckleface be brave enough to finally face her complexion in the mirror? With the help of her loveable schoolmates, including an amazingly talented ballerina, a cutie jock, a charming ditz and a totally kooky teacher, Freckleface learns that everyone is different – and that’s what makes everyone special. Specifically created to perform for young audiences, families can step inside of the book’s pages with Freckleface and friends as they learn to “love the skin they’re in.”


Tickets for “Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical,” presented by Theatre Institute at Sage, are: Adults $15, Children, Students, and Seniors $12; Sage $8.

For Reservations, contact:
Box Office: (518) 244-2248

Be sure to purchase tickets for:
Sat. June 10, 2 pm


The afterparty will be at Footsy MaGoo’s, a charming and enchanted hidden bar with no sign in downtown Troy, located one block from the Russell Sage campus on the corner of First Street and State Street. In addition to whimsical decorations, Footsy MaGoo’s has old fashioned amusement games like skeeball. Children are welcome during this event, but must be accompanied and watched by a parent or guardian. Admission is free, but RSVP on The League of Extraordinary Red Heads Facebook page is appreciated.


Night of the Walking Red IV

The League of Extraordinary Red Heads formed in a flash in Troy on Jan. 30, 2013 and quickly earned the rank of No. 7 in the world for “Best Redheaded Gatherings of 2013” according to social media website, BuzzFeed. League gatherings typically attract more than 100 red-haired participants. (All are welcome to attend and enjoy the spectacle.)

Though this highly visible group assembles suddenly in public spaces, not much is known of the inner workings or its true purpose. It purports to be “a social get-together for those with reddish hair and those who love them,” but some suspect it may be a drinking club with vague plans for world domination. These conspiracy theories are bolstered by the fact that red heads comprise only 2 percent of the human population, and yet — for scientifically unexplained reasons —  their ranks include a disproportionately high number of prominent figures, including world leaders, famous authors and celebrity actors. People of all types and backgrounds can have natural red hair.



Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723