LoERH Tattoo


Gettin’ Inked Up for Night of the Walking Red!

Anthony just became the first member to get a sanctioned League of Extraordinary Red Heads tattoo. And the four glorious colors were laid upon him by fellow red haired tattoo artist “Gingy” of Vixen & Viking Tattoo Studio in Glens Falls, N.Y.

Anthony showing of his new tattoo. The symbol is called “The Banner
Josh “Gingy” Doyon, Tattoo artist at Vixen & Viking Tattoo Studio in Glens Falls, N.Y.
Gingy receives his Member card from Duncan Crary, founder of The League of Extraordinary Red Heads.

Music in this video is “Hand Grenade,” by ginger haired rapper B. Good and is used with permission. https://www.bgoodofficial.com

P.S. Want a tattoo of the registered mark of LoERH? Go see Gingy or contact the League to get a letter granting your tattoo artist permission to reproduce our banner. (For more about the LoERH and the banner under which we rally, see: https://extraordinary.red/about )

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