A Ginger Christmas Carol

LoERH A Ginger Christmas Carol Card

For its 2018 Christmas Card, The League of Extraordinary Red Heads staged a fan fiction epilogue to Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with an entire cast of red heads.

The photo shoot took place at Ryan’s Wake Public House, frequent host to The League’s annual “Night of the Walking Red” gathering. In the scene, Scrooge is joined at the pub by Tiny Tim, the ghost of Jacob Marley, and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present & Future. All of the characters are raising a pint of Guinness, except for Tiny Tim who holds a pint of ginger ale.

All of the characters have red hair but for Scrooge (a played by Tom Reynolds a Distinguished White Head) who wears his LoERH badge displaying a photo from his redder days.

As with the League’s previous Christmas cards, the concept was inspired by LoEERH Member Anasha Cummings’ extraordinary likeness to a well-known holiday figure… in this case, the jovial Ghost of Christmas Present.

Makeup artist Molly McDonnell also has red hair.

Rounding out the cast are LoERH Founder Duncan Crary as the Ghost of Jacob Marley, LoERH High Ginger Margaret Young as The Ghost of Christmas Future, LoERH Superstar Colin Butler as Tiny Tim and LoERH newcomer Jessica VonGuinness as The Ghost of Christmas Past.

The League’s official Ginger Photographer Neil Grabowsky took the photo and video.

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