The Founder

Duncan Crary is the mysterious founder of The League of Extraordinary Red Heads.

Duncan Crary, LoERH Founder. Photo by Andy Kainz.

League of Extraordinary Red Heads Founder Duncan Crary. Photo by Andy Kainz.

Duncan Crary, Age 4According to family lore, Duncan Crary was first found under a toadstool. No one knows from whence he came before that.

Even at a young age, he masqueraded as a harmless gingery munchkin while secretly engineering a fiery reign of world domination for his carrot-topped ilk.

He is shown here, to the right, at age four… plotting.

He has spoken in whispers about the LoERH to The New Yorker and to MEL magazines.

Crary is pictured, left, with The Hon. Anasha Cummings, right. Not much is known of Cummings’ role in The LoERH. But his red hair is certainly extraordinary. (Photo Neil Grabowsky)